Aged eight. Standing motionless in a gallery. Absorbed by the immense Caravaggio painting in front of me. Bombarded by the colour, the intricacy, the light, the feeling that it was real.  My father trying to explain the representation. My mind is a whirl, I wanted to capture that image and keep it in my mind forever.

I never want to let go. 

Photography came late to me. After years in corporate marketing it was a passion I had yet to fully explore but when I finally let myself I could not let it be. The moment, the image. The use of film is a large part of my work, the raw edge, the uncertainty, making you look deeper, breath in and capture that moment.  

Having graduated from an HND in Photography in Bristol, UK I have been concentrating on documentary and fine art photography.  After several exhibitions in 2006 I have spent time focussing on various projects including "working out the value", an ongoing body of work capturing manual working environments within differing cultures.  This has included life in a small tyre garage in the UK, off season ski resort workers in the French Pyrenees, cashew nut factory in South Vietnam, metal workers, barbers and a lime (calcium oxide) factory in India.. 

I am currently living in Guanaba, Queensland, Australia.


July 2006
album06, Centrespace Gallery, Bristol, UK
Graduation show

July 2006    
“Through My Eyes”, Watershed Gallery, Bristol, UK
Working with BBC Radio Bristol, this body of work focused on the personal stories of people living in and around Bristol, it encompassed both recorded interviews and visual material.

Aug 2006
Platform 2006, Grant Bradley Gallery, Bristol, UK
Fine art exhibition for emerging artists to showcase work